Where Do Cobblestones Come From?

Granite Cobblestones, Belgian Block, and Granite Setts come from a wide range of locations around the Globe.

  • Antique cobblestones primarily come from old streets and roadways throughout the United States, Europe and other locations. Some of these reclaimed cobblestones have already provided hundreds, or even thousands of years of service. In most instances the Antique cobblestones have most of their service life still in front of them, a testament to the unparalleled durability of these stones. The antique cobbles also provide the timeworn surface patina from the long years of gentle scouring provided by wagon wheels, horse shoes, and the unrelenting forces of the weather.
  • New Cobblestones are produced in domestic quarries, as well as Asian, Latin American, and South American quarries. The domestic quarries typically manufacture with two sawn sides and four split sides. The domestic color is limited primarily to grays. The Asian, Latin American, and South American quarries offer split surfaces on all six sides of the cobblestones. They also have a wider color selection. Porphyry cobblestones are of a similar igneous rock formation as granite, and are produced in Mexico, South America, and China.

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