How to Add Character to Your Home’s Outdoor Appearance

Is your house nondescript and blending into the countryside? Does it need a little TLC? It can feel great to inject a bit more personality into your home, but making the right changes to your house’s exterior can be tricky. It is important to avoid adopting a style which is completely unrelated to your home; however, the right exterior enhancements can substantially enhance the curb appeal of your home. In this article, we are going to show you some of the best ways to add character to the external appearance of your home. Let’s begin!

Rethink Your Driveway and Walkway Material

One great way to set your house apart from the rest of the neighborhood is to use cobble paving. This form of paving uses durable cobblestone blocks, also known as Belgian blocks, to form a durable, beautiful, and unique surface for your driveway or walkways. They can also be used very effectively as an edging material to create an apron between the rest of your driveway or to create effects around a house such as a raised flower bed. There are many different colors of cobblestone which makes it easy to blend cobblestones you’re your desired color scheme or landscape design. The most common cobblestone colors include various shades of pink, black, gray, and white.
Cobblestone pavers offer many great benefits such as being an extremely hard and durable material. Unlike a concrete slab driveway, they are also highly resistant to stains which usually cause discoloring such as oil marks. If you do damage or stain one of the cobblestones that you used in your walkway or driveway, there is no need to fret. Each one of the stones can be removed individually so you can easily replace one or more damaged stones without tearing apart the entire structure. Another great benefit of cobble paving is that it is resistant to the types of stains that could discolor concrete.

Introduce a covered entrance, patio, or porch

A covered entrance gives a welcoming touch to a home while also increasing the curb appeal. One of the nicest things about a covered entrance is that it protects you and your guests from a rainstorm or other inclement weather when waiting to enter the house. To make a covered entrance really stand out, you could incorporate a natural stone veneer that matches the design of other structures such as your garage or patio.

If you have enough space, a covered porch or a patio is an excellent addition to a house. Both of these structures create a nice place to relax after a long day. If you are ready to throw a party, a patio or covered porch could also act as an event space. The possibilities are endless. If you choose to install a patio, consider cobble paving for its durability and beauty. Using cobblestones for your patio offers you a great way to tie in multiple design elements, especially if you choose to use cobblestones for your driveway, walkways, or edging.

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