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About RealGoods

REALGOODS Company was formed with the mission to provide organic beauty and resonance of Natural STONE & HARDWOOD to discerning folks.

Natural Stone

REALGOODS Company offers Granite Cobblestone, Bluestone, Wall Stone, Barn Stone, Landscape Boulders, Millstones, Stone Troughs and Slate.

Landscape Architects & Contractors

REALGOODS Company looks forward to being your go to Stone expert. From planning & specification through to sample submittals and delivery of products to your job site.

From our Customers

We are here to help with your project!

Delivery to all 50 States
Cobblestones last over 100 years
Over 20 years experience and expertise

Finding Antique Granite Cobblestone

Historic Cobblestone, reclaimed Belgian Block are one of REALGOODS Company’s specialty. Antique Granite Cobblestone is the stone that put us into the Cobblestone Driveway supply business in the first place. Several years ago, and into the near past, REALGOODS Company has become a supplier of Medina Cobblestone to a historic village near Columbus Ohio, that […]

What are Cobblestones?

The naturally occurring cobblestone from the waterways and the pitched cobblestone roads eventually gave way during the 1800’s to quarried granite setts, also known as Belgian block. This happened in part as a result of progress in man’s ability to productively manipulate stone in large quantities, and the ever present need for improved road surfaces […]

Where Do Cobblestones Come From?

Granite Cobblestones, Belgian Block, and Granite Setts come from a wide range of locations around the Globe. Antique cobblestones primarily come from old streets and roadways throughout the United States, Europe and other locations. Some of these reclaimed cobblestones have already provided hundreds, or even thousands of years of service. In most instances the Antique […]

REALGOODS focuses on Natural Building Materials

Granite REALGOODS  focuses on providing natural building materials REALGOODS Company formed in 2003, by businessman Dan Wheeler has always maintained their goal to provide consumers with high-quality, natural materials for their building projects.  The niche business is located in Oil City and specializes in providing natural stone building materials with a primary focus on supplying […]